This Is Why Yoga Is No Longer A Joke To Me

By Lacey Zaiser September 21, 2015

This post should be more appropriately called: I don’t even know who I am anymore. Let me explain. I just finished a 30 day pass at a yoga studio and I’m a totally changed person! Kidding, but I did start to love a new form of exercise and a new way to spend my money.

To be honest, I always thought yoga was kind of a joke of an exercise. It was always a supplement to running for me. I’d only taken two real yoga classes prior to this. The first one being a Kundalini Restorative class where they made us chant loudly and lie under blankets and close our eyes for 25 min. So basically it was a sleeping and breathing class with a little chanting thrown in there. Not my thing. At all. That first experience shaped my view of yoga and made me think all classes were like that, so I stayed far far away.

I have mostly been doing yoga videos at home. A way to stretch out my sore muscles. That was before I took a yoga sculpt class.

First off, it’s heated to 102 degrees. Second, you hold 5-10 lb weights while moving throughout the different poses. That first class was one of the most challenging hours of my life. Even more than mile 22 of a marathon. I was sweating out of pores I didn’t even know existed. Like, I actually thought I might melt into a pool and perish right there on my yoga mat. I’m not selling this very well am I?

The class is faster paced and set to fun music. There’s also a cardio sequence towards the end. It’s usually a pretty full class, a.k.a. my mat is no more than a foot from the other people around me. I usually like working out alone, but there’s something about a full class that is so inspiring; challenging me to work harder and get deeper into the poses.

I signed up for the 30 day pass because I was in sort of a running funk. I didn’t have a plan, so I was just running random distances and wasn’t feeling challenged. I thought 30 days of yoga might inspire me. It taught me how to slow down. To be okay with stillness and move with intention. I’ve never felt stronger than I have while doing yoga. I became okay with taking multiple days off from running, because yoga is a hard workout people! Now, when I do run, my legs and core feel stronger and I don’t have any weird pains in my knees or shins.

Yoga has not only challenged me physically, but helped me mentally as well. It’s a place where I can leave everything outside of that tiny heated room. My phone, wallet, worries, stress, everything. It’s a time to let go of it all. I tend to get stressed out over unimportant things, but over the past month I’ve learned to let things go, breathe, and be okay with the change and uncertainty in my life.

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