Up Your Morning Productivity With These 6 Tips!

By The Body Department April 24, 2018

Spring is such a transitional time… some days it’s cold, others it’s warm. Those cold mornings make it so much harder to get out of bed. For that extra jolt in the morning, you have to practice these steps for productivity. You know we won’t steer you wrong, girl!

Here are 6 key productivity actions you should practice before noon!

Get up early.

Researchers found it doesn’t really matter how much you sleep – if you can become an early riser morning-type (the kind who get up early on the weekends, even), you’ll probably be more productive overall. you have more time to organize your home and your thoughts before you head out the door each morning. 

Eat breakfast.

Out of the 31 million people who skip breakfast everyday, make sure you aren’t one of them. There’s been proof since the beginning of time that there’s link between eating a regular breakfast and higher levels of focus.


Even working out twice a week yields great results. Creating a habit of released endorphins is beneficial not only for your physical health but also mental health. A study out of the University of Bristol found that employees who exercise during the workday performed better than those who didn’t – mainly because they were in a better mood after their morning exercise routine.

Take quiet time for yourself

Just 10 minutes of meditation, stretching or some other quiet activity sets your mind at ease and gives you the peace of mind to be the best version of yourself for the rest of the day.

Avoid digital distractions… if you can help it

If you can help it practice regular and small digital detox from time to time.

Nobody’s asking you to give up browsing altogether, but to make the most of your day, save digital distractions for the afternoon so you don’t set the tone for your office hours with a half-aware workflow.

Make a to-do list


Think through what an ideal day would look like to you, then craft an actionable to-do list from your visualization. Write it down and check things off as you go. Plus how satisfying is it to mark things off your check list?


Words via Christina Makoyawo. Images via 1, 2, 3, 4

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