Upgrade Your Foot Game: 3 Ways to Pull Off The Fashion Sock

By The Body Department May 20, 2015

Wear socks to the gym and while working out… We know, we get it! But dress socks need a lil’ lovin’ too. Here are 3 ways to rock dress socks, SANS sneakers.

You can dress up any outfit with socks. Sounds crazy, but think affordable luxury for the feet. Your socks are an accessory – so many ways to style them! Our dress sock of choice is Gold Toe’s “Oh.So.Soft.” collection (they really are so soft and comfy!).

Check out a few of our favorite looks. Then rock out with your socks out (sorry, had to do it!).

Gold Toe Socks Heel

Socks with a heel.

Pairing socks with a heel is a surefire way to add a bit of spunk to an otherwise boring outfit. It’s also a clever approach to toning down a heel while turning it into the perfect daytime approved look. Think girl-next-door cute with a touch of fashion girl drama. For this look, we used Gold Toe’s “Oh. So. Soft.” in baby blue, and folded the sock just above the ankle. Not too high and not too short.

Gold Toe Socks Oxford

Socks with an oxford.

Add a girly pop of color to a menswear inspired look and there you have it. A classic and stylish look that transcends from day to night. Whether you’re wearing a sleek trouser or cuffed short, adding a colored sock is definitely the answer. For this look, we used Gold Toe’s “Oh. So. Soft.” in red. Instead of folding the sock, we scrunched these down to add a bit more texture to the look. Jazz it up!

Gold Toe Socks Sandal

Socks with a sandal.

Don’t be alarmed. Socks with sandals are a thing now and it’s kind of all the rage at the moment. With summer right around the corner, you can get one step ahead of the trend by grabbing your favorite sandal and giving it a little edge. For this look, we decided that 2 was better than one. We used Gold Toe’s “Oh. So. Soft.” socks in cream and light pink. Choose whatever colors work best with your outfit. You can scrunch the socks to the height that suits your preference. If it’s cold, opt for higher. If it’s hot, scrunch them down a bit more.

Gold Toe has so many fun colors, there’s def a sock look for everyone.

Check out the video below, featuring Oh.So.Soft socks being stylishly worn by Twitch of the Ellen Show and his wife, Allison, of Dancing With The Stars. Watch this duo effortlessly rock the brightly colored socks and dance up a storm while they’re at it. Be sure to enter their dance contest! Watch the video to find out how.

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