What’s Your Fitness Personality?

By The Body Department January 30, 2015

Are you a risk taker or a fun seeker? Answer these five questions to find out your workout personality and get expert advice on the best exercise plan for you.


Words that describe me:
1. Detail-oriented, methodical and reserved
2. Competitive, focused and disciplined
3. Easy-going, sociable and flexible
4. Ambitious, energetic and impulsive

When I exercise:
1. I tend to go alone and stick to a routine I’m familiar with.
2. I’m committed to reaching my goals so I follow a detailed workout plan to get the results I want.
3. I join friends, family and co-workers in their favorite activities.
4. I try a lot of different kinds of exercise because I tend to get bored with one.

When I hear about a hot new fitness trend, I am:
1. Skeptical about whether it’s just a fad without any special benefits.
2. Anxious to know if my routine is missing an important exercise.
3. Eager to keep up with what everybody’s talking about.
4. Excited to try any activity that will produce results fast.

I am motivated by:
1. Knowledge and logic
2. Challenges and success
3. Experiences and novelty
4. Results and rewards

My level of health and fitness knowledge is:
1. Well-rounded. I read magazine articles and pay careful attention to separating fact from hype.
2. Up-to-date. I keep up with the latest research and always look for ways to get better.
3. Hearsay. I’m often confused about all the conflicting news, so I trust what a few knowledgeable people I know have to say.
4. Disinterested. I don’t want to sort through all of the fitness information, so I do what I want.


Add up the points for the answers you gave (one point for each time you selected answer 1, two points for each time you selected answer 2, and so on). Then check your results below to find out your fitness personality and get workout advice just for you.

Score 5-8
Rational Thinker
You tend to be creature of habit, sticking with the activities you’re familiar and comfortable with. You are satisfied with your consistent commitment to exercise, and make changes only when you find compelling reason to do so.
Workout tip: Research shows that yoga builds core strength and dramatically improves flexibility, which help improve performance and reduces the risk of injury in any other activity. If you don’t want to join a yoga class, learn a few yoga-style stretches you can do on your own.

Score 9-12
Goal Setter
A competitor by nature, both against yourself and others, you relish hard work and thrive on reaching your goals. You consider every choice you make in the context of how it will affect your progress.
Workout tip: A professional trainer or coach helps you set short-range goals that lead you to your long-term objectives, and presents you with fresh challenges along the way.

Score 13-16
Fun Seeker

Research shows that people with “workout buddies” are more likely to work out regularly than people who exercise alone. Socializing is what you love most about an active life and your positive energy can be contagious.

Workout tip: You have the potential to motivate others. When you take the lead in organizing your friends and workout partners, you help them stay active and live healthier yourself.

Score: 17-20
Risk Taker

You’re adventurous and eager to try the latest and greatest, and then move on. You crave instant results and frequently discover new, short-lived passions.
Workout tip: Consider CrossFit classes, which give you a variety of strength and conditioning exercises. If you like the outdoors, join a group training for an obstacle race such as the Tough Mudder competitions.

*This quiz was originally published on ActiveWearUSA.com

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