Why Everyone Needs to Add This Tea to Their Diet

By Reece Carter September 28, 2015

They’re cropping up everywhere, in cafes and in the blogosphere: turmeric lattes. But apart from being fun to drink something that looks like liquid sunshine, why are we all jumping on the turmeric bandwagon? Simple, it’s nature’s best anti-inflammatory!

In this little throwback to my first YouTube video ever, I show how to combine turmeric with its cousin ginger, another great anti-inflammatory. Both of these herbal medicines have been shown to block something we call the COX-2 pathway, just like their pharmaceutical counterparts – but without the side effects!

The active part of turmeric is called curcumin, and acts directly on the gut linings to help relieve IBS and leaky gut. Add a little black pepper to help push the curcumin into the blood stream, and we see it exert its actions throughout the body – it’s especially good for joint pain!

In my anti-inflammitea, I added a few of my other favourites to improve digestion, plus some black tea for a natural zing. The end result? Your delicious daily health tonic for overall wellbeing.

You can find plenty of Reece’s other #herbnerd recipes over at his YouTube channel – and keep yourself healthy, naturally!

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