10 Minute Pilates Power Abs Workout

By BeFit November 11, 2015

This is a core strengthening Pilates circuit routine that uses low-impact moves that can be done anywhere to shrink the waistline, flatten the midsection and burn fat. Sculpt lean muscle and start down the road to 6-pack abs with an effective series of ab-targeted moves that will challenge the arms, legs, back, obliques, shoulders, chest and glutes.

Build strength and release tension as you work multiple muscle groups simultaneously with result-driven moves like mermaids, roll-overs, oblique roll-backs, scissors, table tops and more that will tone the entire body from top to bottom.

You will need a Yoga Mat, a bottle of water and a towel to complete this routine that can be modified to fit any skill level by adjusting reps, form and rest periods. Don’t forget to hydrate during rest periods.

*This video was originally published on the BeFiT Youtube channel. For more workout videos visit www.youtube.com/user/BeFit.

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