10 Minute Workout For Sexy Abs

By BeFit October 27, 2015

This workout with Nicola Harrington is an intense, target-toning abdominal workout that utilizes an ab-shredding series of floor exercises designed to sculpt and flatten all of the muscles of the midsection to start you down the road to 6-pack abs. Strengthen the core and tone your entire body as you work multiple abdominal muscle groups simultaneously.

Unleash your calorie-burning potential and improve posture as you strengthen the back, shred the abs and tone the shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs, glutes and obliques with result-driven moves like half crunches, oblique calf reaches, hip lifts, side hip lifts, side knee crunches, split leg holds, upright plank to arm reaches, child’s pose, side plank to reaches, reverse planks, side plank to knee to elbow crunches, plank to opposite leg and arm reaches, oblique side bend stretches and more that are sure to deliver maximum results in no time!

Challenge yourself and see if you can do this workout 3-4 times per week to shrink the waistline and firm the midsection. This routine can be modified by adjusting reps and range of motion to suit any level of fitness. You will need a Yoga mat, towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout.

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