10 Must-Have Tips For Running In Cold Weather

By Joy November 30, 2015

Running in the cold can be intimidating to everyone, even avid runners. Extreme temperatures can mess up your training schedule, but it doesn’t have to. Here are some of my favorite tips to help keep you warm and prepared on your winter runs!

1. Wear Wool Moisture Wicking Socks
Wool socks keep your feet warm, wick the water away, and are really comfortable to wear. They also can help prevent blisters. Defeet Woolie Boolies are good ones to use. Also a note here: never buy waterproof shoes. If water gets in (creek crossing, puddle, etc), there’s no way for it to get out and you’ll end up with swamp feet. Just trust me on this, you don’t want it! Stick to breathable shoes with moisture wicking socks for the best comfort.

2. Wear Compression Leg Sleeves
Zensah is a good brand. Compression sleeves are designed to help with circulation and recovery, but are also helpful for keeping your legs warm.

3. Wear Gloves
If weather is over 40 degrees, cheap cotton gloves will do (if it’s not raining.) If it’s raining or under 40 degrees, you’ll need to get weather resistant wicking gloves rated for under 30 degrees. Fingers are the hardest to keep warm when running in cold temps.

4. Carry Water
Even though it’s cold and you may not be sweating, you still need to carry water with you. A handheld with about 20 ounces of water should be enough in most cases. You need to keep hydrated!

5. Wear A Windbreaker
If it’s cold and very windy, you may want to consider wearing a windbreaker to help keep warm. Just note, it’s not breathable, so you need to make sure you aren’t getting too hot and sweating on the inside of the jacket.

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