20-Minute Slim & Strong Legs Pilates Workout

By BeFit May 25, 2016

Slim & Strong Legs Pilates Workout: 20 Mins from BeFiT GO is an effective lower body-sculpting Pilates workout that uses dance-inspired target toning exercises combined with quintessential Yoga moves to strengthen the legs and shape the booty for a lean body makeover! Activate the core, reduce stress and uncover sexy definition with your Expert BeFiT GO Fitness Coaches as they demonstrate each of the moves in this low intensity workout.

Melt away calories and become the best version of yourself with result-driven moves like Yoga squats, single leg stretches, releve pliés, narrow V’s, glute bridge battement tendus, inner thigh leg lifts, kneeling rear leg raises, arabesque attitudes and more that will jump start weight loss potential and leave you feeling stronger and healthier in just 20 minutes.

This video was originally posted on BeFit’s Youtube channel. For more workouts, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/BeFit.

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