Grab A Workout Buddy And Lean And Dab

By Kym Estrada April 13, 2016

Dance crazes come and go, unfortunately some are here to stay. While the moonwalk and electric slide may take a couple practice runs to perfect, other moves like lean back (whatever happened to Fat Joe?) and the stanky legg require a simple thrust.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve probably heard of “Hit The Quan“, by iLoveMemphis. “Lean & Dab” is an extension to this dance. If you can’t exactly hit the quan, then welcome the lean and dab (or maybe just dab). This is your next party move.

But this is The Body Department, so we wanna make you sweat! Try this lean and dab home workout video.

*This video was originally published on Get Fit With Chrys’ YouTube channel. For more from workout videos visit

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