5 Tips for Your First Spin Class

By Lauren S. November 5, 2014

I have only taken spin classes about a dozen times in my life with the last one being over a year ago, so I was feeling unsure of how the class would go. The bikes had cages on the pedals so it was okay that I didn’t have fancy clip-in cycling shoes (although the clip-ins are recommended if you plan to take a lot of classes). The class ended up being great, and I left a sweaty mess! The class was full of high-intensity speed intervals mixed in with longer blocks of climbs. I forgot how great of a workout spinning is! If you have considered trying out spin, or like me it’s been a while since you’ve taken a class, I’ve come up with some tips and reminders for when you decide to get back in the saddle!

1. Wear comfortable clothing. I find I’m most comfortable in form-fitting or compression capri pants and a moisture-wicking, looser tank or short-sleeved shirt. You are going to be sitting on the bike so capris or pants are a no brainer, and I like a top that is going to be comfortable and dry when I am sweating a lot during class.

2. Bring a towel and water bottle. Unless you have the amazing ability to do an intense workout without breaking a sweat or getting thirsty, bring these. I always leave a spin class a sweaty mess if I’ve been working hard!

3. Arrive early and get comfy! Arrive early so you can find your bike and make all the necessary adjustments to it. I’m no spin expert, but I know that if you stand on the left side of the bike the saddle and handlebars should be around hip height, your legs are fairly extended, and to leave enough room so your knees aren’t hitting the handlebars when you are standing up on the bike pedals. Ask the instructor if you need help getting set up!

4. Your butt will be sore the next day. I knew my butt was going to be sore the minute I sat down. I never feel too comfortable on the bike seats, and my butt and lady parts always take some adjusting to sitting on the bike. Apparently you can get padded cycling shorts that help if you plan on being a spin regular!

5. Talk to the instructor. If it’s your first spin class or you have no idea how to adjust your bike, let the instructor know! It’s going to be awful if you are uncomfortable on the bike or don’t know the lingo during class.

Couldn’t stop at five-here’s a bonus tip! 6. Go at your own pace. It’s fine to be motivated by others during the class to keep pedaling as fast as you can during intervals or adding just as much resistance as the girl next to you, but know that it’s okay to go at your own pace. As long as you are pushing yourself, it doesn’t matter how your speed or resistance compares to others, no one else is looking! Last night my bike was closer to the front of the class so I could really focus on the instructor and my workout instead of what others around me.

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