5 Ways To Get A 6 Pack

By LEAFtv December 14, 2015

Get in shape this holiday season with help from these five moves Chase Weber (aka @chasenfitness) is showing off. These moves will tone and train your core for strength and endurance.

Here’s how they’re done:

1. Triangle Pyramid Russian Twist
With legs raised, knees bent and ankles crossed, lift arms in a prayer position in front of you. Twist left and right, using your oblique muscles as you touch your elbow to each side. (4 sets of 25)

2. Scissor Kick with A Roll Out
Lying flat, head-raised and arms out to the side. Scissor kick with each leg, twice bend legs & roll back up. (4 sets of 25)

3. Sit Up With Hand Raise
With knees bent, sit up with your hands straight out and fingers touching. Pull your hands above your head.

4. Rotational Side Plank
Lying in side plank, stack your feet with your core engaged. Use your top arm to touch the ground and reach to the sky. (4 sets of 25 on each side)

5. Elbow To Knee
With your legs raised and your hands behind your head, crunch opposite elbow to knee. (4 sets of 25 on each side)

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