7 Minute Cardio Workout to Burn Fat Fast

By BeFit May 20, 2015

This fat-burning, high intensity interval training workout routine will boost your metabolism. It contains bursts of plyometric movement that will strengthen your core and help sculpt your body! This workout focuses on arms, chest, legs, butt, abs, shoulders, back and obliques. This includes high knees, side lunges, mountain climbers, jumping lunges, upside down push-ups, candlestick duck squats, around the worlds, air squats, spider man push-ups, V-ups, single leg squats and burgees in just 7 minutes!

This is the perfect exercise for those with limited time. All you need is your Yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water.

*This video was originally published on the BeFiT Youtube channel. For more workout videos visit www.youtube.com/user/BeFit.

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