Abs Blast Workout For Your Core

By BeFit December 2, 2015

This intense 7 minute abdominal workout is designed to sculpt abs, strengthen the core and burn calories. Turn up the burn and shrink the waistline with Athlete, Trainer, Fitness Model & Nutritionist, Edwina Cheer as she takes you through a circuit of 5 ab-centric moves that target multiple muscles simultaneously to yield lean results fast.

Stabilize the lower back and tone the arms, chest, shoulders, obliques, abs and glutes with result-driven moves like jack knives, butterfly chops, icarians, M flies and knee-ups that will build power and increase strength from top to bottom to reveal a healthier and more fit new you.

You will need a Yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this routine. Try to challenge yourself and increase the reps with each pass through the circuit. This routine is great for all skill levels and can be tailored to you by adjusting reps, rest periods and depth of motion.

*This video was originally published on the BeFiT Youtube channel. For more workout videos visit www.youtube.com/user/BeFit.

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