Arm Toning Challenge To “Speakerbox” by Bassnectar

By REFIT® Revolution August 2, 2016

Hold on to your biceps. They’re about to get a workout with this one! If you think this is just “dance fitness,”think again. This choreography has one thing on its mind: beautiful biceps.

Everything about this song is designed to engage uppper body muscles, specifically your biceps. Through applied resistance, you can achieve greater muscle definition without the use of weights.

Toning muscles just requires a little bit of focus and form, and you’ll start seeing some definition within a few weeks! We love that this choreography targets an often overlooked area of your body.

Modification Tip:

Keep in mind that we’re helping you TONE up those hard to engage muscles, and the main thing to remembers is ENGAGEMENT and RESISTANCE. You should focus on which muscles are in use and how much “applied resistance” you can implement during the movement by squeezing at the top of each curl.

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