Beach-Ready Abs Workout

By Christine McMichael July 15, 2016

Tis’ the season for getting in shape! Aka, spring and early summer. We’re getting ready for the beach together with this Beach-Ready Abs Workout!

This workout is only four moves long, but it’s killer. While this is an optional addition to the Beach-Ready Total-Body Workout, it is also a great stand alone abs workout! In other words, you could add it to the end of your total-body workout once a week, or you could make it it’s own workout and mix in some cardio!

And if you’re looking for more workouts to mix in to your fitness routine, give the Equipment-Free 30-Minute Total-Body Workout a try! Only 30 minutes, y’all ? And as always, be sure to follow my Pinterest Fitness Board for tons of amazing workouts!

Now, I’m just going to throw this out there. This workout, and every workout, is SOOOO times a million better with a friend. Even if your friend can’t physically be there to workout with you, it’s so great to be able to text someone and hold each other accountable! So grab a friend, grab a mat, and let’s do a Beach-Ready Abs Workout!

1. Heel Touches

Starting in a V position, bend legs to tabletop. Straighten arms and begin touching your heels, engaging the abs/obliques and alternating sides for a total of 30 repetitions (15 on each side).

2. Russian Twist

From the heel touches, lower the heels to the mat and begin touching the floor on each side. Repeat a total of 30 times (15 on each side), alternating sides.

3. Toe Taps

Lay flat and raise legs to a 90 degree angle (keeping them as straight as possible). Straighten the arms overhead and in one motion reach up to touch your toes. Lower back down and repeat 25 times.

4. Wide Leg Scissors

Starting in a V, place your hands by your hips for support. Widen the legs, then bring them in and cross the right leg over the left leg. Return to wide leg position, then cross the left leg over the right leg. Continue to repeat for a total of 30 repetitions (15 on each side), alternating legs.

Disclaimer: It is important that you consult your doctor before starting new fitness regimes. By doing this workout, you are participating at your own risk. Modify the workout to fit your body’s needs and remember to listen to your body!

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