Bikini Body Pilates: Lean Arms Workout

By BeFit April 9, 2014

BeFiT Bikini Body Pilates: Lean Arms Workout with Cassey Ho is a supercharged, upper body-sculpting Pilates routine that is designed to work all of the muscles of the upper half to burn fat, build definition, and target tone the arms, chest, back, shoulders, glutes, biceps, triceps, abs and obliques for strong and sexy results. Activate the core and build strength with Pilates Expert, Blogilates Creator, Blogger and YouTube Star, Cassey Ho as she takes you through this result-driven, 12-minute workout from the all new “BeFiT Bikini Body Pilates” series that will strengthen the abdominals, lift and tighten the chest, arms, and butt, and banish bra fat just in time for bikini season! Prepare to fight through the burn as you ignite your weight loss potential with targeted moves like half cobra push-ups, super hero pulses, wing flaps, child’s pose, single chest press pulses and up down planks that will sculpt a strong and sexy back and arms fast! This workout requires only your own body weight and a Yoga mat, and is great for all skill levels. Use the modifications provided to lower the level of difficulty. Cassey’s upbeat and positive training style will keep you inspired and motivated as you attack problem areas, working multiple muscles simultaneously to transform your lower half. Now you can tone-up and slim down at home with one of the top trainers in the business.

*This video was originally published on the Lionsgate BeFiT Youtube channel. For more workout videos visit

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