‘Get Going’ with Blades of Glory

By The Body Department June 26, 2014

Blades of Glory is full of non-stop humor, and almost the entire movie revolves around exercise (anyone who’s skated knows it’s a KILLER workout)! Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are constantly moving and grooving throughout the film, so we thought we’d follow their lead and create a Blades of Glory-inspired workout game for your next movie night. Glance at the exercises below, follow along, and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

10 scissor kicks each time Chazz wears something new on his head
20 lunges each time Jimmy is compared to a girl
15 vertical leg crunches each time Chazz and Jimmy attend a new competition
20 butt kickers each time there’s a sexual remark relating to Chazz

Shawn Johnson's The Body Department - Blades Of Glory Workout Game

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