Chiseled Core Bootcamp Workout

By BeFit January 20, 2016

This is an intense 10 minute target-toning abdominal workout that uses special core-focused moves combined with total body exercises to engage all of the muscles of the core to burn calories and sculpt abs. Shape the obliques and support the spine with your Expert BeFiT GO Fitness Coach, Maddey Curley, as she demonstrates this core-toning series of moves that are sure to deliver maximum results!

Release lower back tension, relieve anxiety and engage the glutes as you challenge the arms, chest, legs, booty, abs, obliques, hips, shoulders and back with moves like toe touches, plank knee to elbows, flutter kicks, supergirl planks, bicycles, hollow holds and more!

You will need a Yoga Mat, a bottle of water and a towel to complete this routine that can be modified to fit any skill level by adjusting reps, form and rest periods. Don’t forget to hydrate during rest periods.

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