Circuit Workout for Core Strength & Balance

By BeFit September 6, 2014

Wave Shape: Core Strength & Balance Ab Workout- Week 1 is an intense, 7-min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) abdominal workout that employs a circuit of 3 exercises for 14 reps each to burn fat, activate the core and challenge all of the muscles of the abdominals for a strong and sexy midsection.

Unlock your best self as you work at your own pace and set your own rhythm with this unique routine that will get you defined results in just 7 minutes! This workout requires no equipment, but be sure to stay hydrated and track your progress.

For those of you who haven’t tried WaveShape before, here’s a brief background about the workout:

“Wave Shape is a hard-core original workout regimen designed to get you bikini or boardshort ready. In 2013, Anna Jerstrom, Owner/Founder of surf-ready swimwear brand Calavera tapped celebrity fitness expert and fellow surfer Adam Rosante to design a workout that would enhance their performance and get them in “wave shape”. The result was a high-intensity, 45-minute full-body workout designed to create a slim-yet-strong surfer’s body, build explosive power, increase total body strength, skyrocket endurance, improve flexibility, and boost confidence.”

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