Dancer’s Abs-Sculpting Workout Part 2

By BeFit June 8, 2016

This 15 minute core-strengthening abdominal routine features an effective series of floor exercises that will shrink the waistline, tone the abs and start you down the road to 6-pack abs. Prepare to fight through the burn as you set your abdominals on fire with this oblique-tightening workout that features 3 rounds of 5 multi-functional exercises that are sure to leave you looking lean, sculpted and sexy for summer.

Strengthen the core and stabilize the spine as you increase your weight loss potential with this result driven series of moves like plank leg lifts, boat pose V-ups, plank elbow drops, hundreds, boxer twists and bridge pose from the body-shredding “Sweat factor” Fitness Series. Become your best and build a stronger and healthier new you with Sweat Factor.

You will need a Yoga mat, a hand weight or medicine ball, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this effective workout that can be modified to fit all skill levels by adjusting reps, range of motion, form and rest periods.

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