Everyone Has Time For A 5 Minute Toning Workout

By Cortni M November 27, 2015

This is a mini-workout I plan to do either right when I wake up or right before bed. If I get in the habit of squeezing it in every day then it will be easier to build up the workout and create a more difficult challenge. Five minutes a day can really make a difference if you actually make sure you complete it! This is a great way to ease into working out, or a great way to supplement your other workouts during the week.

10 squats
Mix it up, try different types of squats, hold a kettle-bell, or do them facing the wall with you arms overhead.
10 push ups
Try different types of push ups, putting your hands in a triangle, in a pike position, or with your feet spread apart.
10 tricep dips
Try these on a sturdy chair or with your hands on the couch.
15 sit ups
There are countless ways to change up the boring sit up, try pike ups, or crunches.

That’s it! It’s quick, but effective. There is no excuse not to complete these simple exercises every single day. When this sequence becomes too simple, you can add on more exercises or increase the reps. I plan on making additions to this little toning workout every week or so, increasing the time little by little. This way I’m adding a little bit something extra, but it’s not overwhelming. Start simple, create a pattern, make it a habit, and stick to it! I like that there is no way to get bored with this workout because it is so quick and can easily be customized.


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