Full Body Workout In Under 20 Minutes

By BeFit August 17, 2016

Full Body Fat Burn Workout from Sweat Factor with Sam is a fierce, 17-minute total body-sculpting circuits workout that features an intense blend of 5 kickboxing, core training and plyometric exercises for 10 reps each to boost the metabolism, melt away fat and challenge the entire body to uncover lean definition from head to toe!

Turn up the heat and engage all of the major muscle groups of the body as you through 5 cycles of results driven moves like knee drive side-kicks, plank pop-ups, plank jacks, sit-ups to double jabs, runner’s lunges, high knees and squat jumps that are sure to tone the arms, legs, chest, glutes, abs, shoulders, thighs, back and obliques in this effective routine.

This video was originally posted on BeFit’s Youtube channel. For more workouts, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/BeFit.

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