Gym Hair Inspiration: 3 Ways

By LEAFtv March 11, 2016

We got inspired to elevate our gym hair. Are you tired of your regular messy gym ponytail? We tried out some more structured gym-and-beyond hairstyles (thanks to Pinterest), and we’re pretty happy with the results! Braids, crowns and a unique take on pigtails, these three gym hairstyles are suitable for the most high-intensity workouts and more.

Gym Hair Looks


1. Erin’s Side Braid Bun
This braid n’ bun combo keeps bangs at bay.

2. Sam’s Boxer Braids
This is a hybrid of pigtails and french braids, suitable for anything from restorative yoga to high-intensity interval training.

3. Geri’s Clean Fishtail Pony
This will last through the toughest routine.

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