How to Avoid Runner’s Burnout

By The Body Department February 19, 2016

We love this Fix guide by Laura Schwecherl on how to avoid runner’s burnout and suggestions on training properly. To start off, many running problems stem from overtraining, an almost impossible-to-avoid symptom when on the journey to running a marathon. It’s a good idea to be able to identify the signs of overtraining as soon as they strike and take some much needed and well-deserved rest.

avoid runner's burnout-signs-of-overtraining

Not every person training for a marathon is going to have to deal with the multiple physical and emotional pains of endurance running. Even something as committed as marathon training can be balanced. We’ve broken down the best ways to combat and avoid potential health hazards when hitting the pavement.

avoid runner's burnout - how-to-train-smart

avoid runner's burnout with strength-training-moves

At the end of the day, your best tool is your runner’s intuition. Stick to what your body is tells you, speak with your doctor, and try to enjoy the journey to a happy and healthy marathon day.

*This post was originally published on Fix.

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