Join Us Now For A 5 Minute Abs Plank Challenge

By BeFit November 16, 2015

This challenge is an intense core-strengthening abdominal workout, led by Courtney Prather, that uses plank variations and other abdominal floor exercises to burn fat and tone and tighten the abs and obliques for lean 6-pack abs. Turn up the burn as you work every major muscle in the abs in just five minutes. Challenge the core and engage the arms, shoulders, glutes, legs, back, hamstrings, chest and obliques followed by stretches between, that are sure to burn calories and build strength fast!

Be your best as you fatigue the entire body with result-driven moves like plank side taps, full plank to side rotations, child’s pose, floating cobra, forearm plank to alternating leg lifts, superman holds, scorpion planks, bridge holds and various stretches that work every muscle of the torso to reveal a stronger and healthier new you.

You will need a Yoga mat, a bottle of water and a towel to complete this routine that can be modified to fit any skill level by adjusting reps, depth and form.

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