Move Your Feet To The “Shall We Dance?” Workout Game

By The Body Department July 17, 2014

While watching Shall We Dance? we were inspired to get up and get active! In this film Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez are continuously breaking a sweat on the dance floor, so we thought why not create a Shall We Dance?-inspired workout game that will get YOU doing some ‘fancy footwork’ during your next movie night! Get some friends (partners) together, take the challenge below, and be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments!

10 burpees each time Paulina says ‘Mr.’
20 crossover jacks each time John rides the train
15 jump squats each time Bobbie mentions her butt
10 lateral hops each time someone’s hair comes off (yes, comes off!)

Click here to download Shall We Dance? on iTunes!


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