Spring Abs & Core Workout

By BeFit March 19, 2015

Six Pack Shortcuts: Spring Break Abs & Core Workout with Mike Chang is an explosive, 15 minute, power-building abdominal workout that was developed to build core strength, burn fat and shred your midsection for intense beach-ready results! Get ready to fight through the burn and obliterate fat as you travel down the road to ripped, six-pack abs with World-Renowned Internet Fitness Sensation, Mike Chang. Crank up the intensity as you blast away calories, melt away love handles and banish belly fat with core-centric ab exercises like seated leg lifts, hip thrust twists, jack knifes, criss-cross punches, knee to elbow planks, butterfly crunches, up and overs, and many more that will carve a slim and sexy midsection and shape the body you are looking for fast. You will need a towel, a Yoga mat and a bottle of water to complete this workout. Adjust intensity to fit your skill level by using the modifications provided throughout the routine’s 3 levels. Mike’s positive training style will inspire you to give it all you’ve got and remain focused on the fact that every rep counts. Build strength and boost energy levels, and gain power with one of the best trainers in the business right from your own home with BeFiT!

*This video was originally published on the Lionsgate BeFiT Youtube channel. For more workout videos visit www.youtube.com/user/BeFit

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