T-Rex Workout

By Kim C. May 26, 2014

Yes, you read that right. T-Rex! I heart T-Rex and dinosaurs generally. They are something of a running joke/common love for me and some of my friends and family.

Anyway, the story behind this workout series goes like this. My bestie injured her shoulder training for Spartan. She asked me to put together some workouts for her that are just legs. All legs. No arms. Sound familiar??? While FaceTiming the other day (she lives far away), she even told she has to hold her arm bent in to her chest. I mean, could this analogy get any more perfect?? Besides, since T-Rex had super jacked legs, I decided it would be the perfect spirit animal to channel for these workouts.

This workout is a cardio HIIT workout that is all about explosive, plyometric (jumping) moves that will get your heart rate way up while seriously burning your legs. I’ve done it once already, and since she happens to be in town visiting, we tried it out again this morning… and were dead on the floor from our exhausted legs.

Shawn Johnson's The Body Department - T-Rex Workout Series

Notes on form:

This is a HIIT workout, so move through the exercises as quickly as you can while keeping good form. They should be fast and explosive. Rest when you need to (every 2-3 moves), but try to keep your breaks under a minute.

Jump lunges: Lower into a lunge position, front knee over your ankle, legs bent at 90 degrees. Jump into the air, switching which leg is forward and immediately lowering into a lunge on the other side.

Plyometric runner’s lunge: Lower into a runners lunge, back leg extended straight out behind you, front leg bent at 90 degrees with your knee over your ankle. Push through your front heel, bringing your back leg through and up into your chest as you jump in the air on the front leg. Land again on the same front leg, and re-extend your back leg behind you. Repeat all reps before switching legs. These kill so have fun 🙂

Skaters: Pretend you are a speed skater. Bend your right knee (front leg), bringing your left leg behind you and out of alignment to the right side. Get as low as you can, then push off the front leg, jumping to the side, landing on the opposite (left) foot. Immediately lower back down, this time with your right leg extended behind you and to the left.

Ninja jumps: Start on your knees. Use your abs and legs to “jump,” pushing yourself up and catching yourself on your feet in a squat position. This is a weird move, hopefully the pictures help. If you have questions, post in comments. It’s also a really tough move, so cut down on the reps if you need to.

Side lunge jumps: Take a wide stance, feet pointed forwards. Lunge to the right, keeping your knee over your ankle and trying to get as close to a 90 degree angle as you can. Push up through the bent leg (like a one-legged jump), bringing your extended leg in towards your chest. Land on the right foot and lower down as you re-extend the left leg. Repeat all reps and then switch sides.

Jumping step ups: Start with one foot up on a chair. Push through the top foot, jumping into the air as you switch feet. Try to keep you weight up on the chair (so you are catching yourself and controlling the weight, not just staying on the ground and tapping your toes).

Plie jumps: Take a wide stance, turning your toes and knees out. Lower down, keeping your back straight (don’t stick your butt out). Keep your knees over your ankles and pointed in the direction of your toes. Push through both feet to jump up, and immediately lower down again when you land.

Jump squats: Feet hip width apart, lower down, stick your butt out, and don’t let your knees come past your toes. Jump into the air. Land back in the squat position.

Curtsy lunge jumps: Lower into a lunge with your right foot forward and you left leg behind you and off to the right side. Get as low as you can without letting your knees go over your toes. Push through the front leg, jumping as you bring your back leg up, bending the knee and raising it out to the side (see picture). Land again in the starting position. Repeat all reps before switching sides.
Have fun, let me know if you have any questions!

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, trainer, PT, or any other professional. I just share my own workouts, you attempt them at your own risk!

*This workout was originally published on Kim’s blog, Busy Bod. For more from Kim visit www.busy-bod.com!

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