‘Thanks For Sharing’… The Workout Game!

By The Body Department August 14, 2014

Thanks For Sharing is a must-see unconventional romantic comedy filled with hilarious and memorable quotes, scenes, and characters. And since we loved watching the movie so much we figured you would too, WHILE getting some exercise of course! Turn your next movie night into a Thanks For Sharing-inspired workout game. Glance at the exercises below, follow along, and let us know how it goes in the comments below! ‘Thanks for reading’! 

15 crunches every time Adam goes on another date with Phoebe
5 side lunges every time a character mentions the word ‘sex’
20 hip raises every time Neil takes a mode of transportation
15 straight-leg dead lifts every time Adam wears a different colored buttoned shirt

Click here to download Thanks For Sharing on iTunes!

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