The Best Full Body Workout To Do On-The-Road

By LEAFtv August 4, 2016

Whether you are traveling a lot or vowing to workout at home more often, this sequence is an amazing intermediate level workout that you can do anywhere. This is a combination of body weight exercises, yoga, and HIIT movements that will leave you sweaty, strong and toned.


1. High knees for one minute.

2. Tuck jump to a modified burpee: jump back and do one (or two!) push ups.

3. Move your right hand to the center and lift into a side plank, extending your left arm straight up. Make sure your wrists and shoulders are in one line.

4. Place your hand down, then step your right foot in between hands. Place your right hand down and lift your left hand up as you twist.

5. Place your hand down, then immediately 1) touch your right knee to nose, 2) knee to right tricep, 3) knee to left tricep.

6. Place your right foot forward again and lift into a high lunge. Keep your right knee above your ankle as you lunge your back knee to the floor 3x.

7. Lift off your back leg to come to standing, lots of core strength here! Try to balance as you stretch over your left leg. Optional: Grab a towel if you can’t reach your foot!

8. Lower into a modified pistol with your belly engaged, only bend your knee as much as you can – you don’t need to come all the way down! You can add a stretch by touching your nose to knee when you travel down and come back up.9.

9. Carefully step the leg back, and do two push ups. Keep your elbows at a 60 degree angle to the torso, this prevents your shoulders hiking up towards your ears.

10. Move to seated (in any way that you can, you don’t need to float through!), and extend your legs straight up with a long, lifted spine.

11. Inhale, lower down. Exhale, lift up. Repeat this x3.

12. Come to standing and repeat on the left side! Repeat this sequence 4 times!

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