This Simple Cardio Workout Is “Gold” For All Levels

By REFIT® Revolution June 20, 2016

Get ready for the simplest choreography that will make you feel super successful in your workout! There are three simple steps that are easy to learn, once you figure out how to coordinate upper body and lower body movements!

Fit Tip:
Combining upper and lower body movements can be tricky at first, so here’s what we suggest: start with the footwork first. Add upper body movements when you feel confident with the lower body movements.

Intensity Level:
Since this song has some toning components, we’re classifying this as a low-mid intensity song. If you want to increase the intensity of the choreography, simply add a jump to all of the punches in the chorus of the song.

Instructor Tip: 
This song is super repetitive, but don’t let that scare you. We’ve found that our participants feel really successful with this song, so while it may not be the “flashiest” to teach—it absolutely empowers your students (which is the point of the class, right??)

To The Haters:
We are not a dance crew like Urban Dance Camp or MegaJam. We are not that cool, so keep that in mind when criticizing how “boring” or how “old” we are. We are old. We are boring. But we are also fitness instructors teaching people how to love their bodies in spite of what society tells us about how we look! So calm down, be nice and by all means don’t watch the video if you don’t like it! You’re always welcome here, but let’s keep it positive okay??

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