Yoga Dance Workout To Sculpt And Tone Your Body In 12-Minutes

By BeFit April 6, 2016

Combine the flow and muscle targeting moves of yoga with high energy, sweat pounding moves of dance. Move alongside with Yoga Expert, Dance & “Benner Fit”, Sydner Benney.  Sweat through a 12-minute workout designed to increase metabolism, build lean muscle and condition your body. This is a total body workout will challenge the core, abdominals, legs, glutes, arms, chest, shoulders, back and obliques.

Learn key moves to fatigue all major muscle groups to create change as you lengthen and strengthen your whole body. Yoga moves will come into play (cat cows and table pose) as well as dance moves (relevé raises and plié pulses). And nothing beat good ol’ fashion cardio moves such as squats, calf raises, booty squeezes, hip abductor, butt kickers and more.

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