Yoga: Hip Openers

By LEAFtv February 3, 2014

Our hips hold so much tension & it’s great to release it all once in awhile. In fact, here are 3 reasons you need to open those hips:

– Most of our emotions, stress and tension are held in the hips and pelvis, creating tightness. When we leave all of this tension there, it only causes stagnation, which creates more stiffness and negativity.
– Lower back pain can be directly linked to tight hip flexors. Stretching out the hips will ease this pain and create more circulation.
– Our hips are constantly working! The hips are a ball-and-socket joint (as is the shoulder) used for high mobility and rotation. Whether we’re walking, sitting or sleeping, if our hips aren’t (as) mobile, it makes daily life harder.

1. Single Pigeon: Starting in downward facing dog, bring your knee to meet your wrist (same knee to same wrist). Then flex the toes of your front bent leg, straighten out your back leg while un-tucking the toes. Sit up straight, inhale, and as you exhale slowly fold over your front leg. Repeat on both legs.

2. Thread the Needle: Cross your ankle over your knee and pull shin tightly, repeat on both legs.

3. Baddha Konasana: Bring your feet together as your knees splay out to the sides, open your feet with your hands and tug tightly. Inhale, and on the exhale slowly fold forward over legs.

We partnered with LA-based yoga instructor Sam Negrin for this video.

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